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B&THF is a sort of musical collective from Bergen, Norway. The standard band consists of DJ, keyboards, bass, guitar and drums/percussion, but there is always room for input from additional musicians. B&THF aims to make interesting instrumental music, where humour goes along with improvisation, and B&THF represents therefore a combination of different approaches to music.

Various references, experience, different musicians and approaches, and finally the current state of mind always decide of the musical results. Still they like to keep it funky and floor-moving, especially live.

As B&THF on records tries to fullfil each track's potential in the right way, the live-version shakes loose and tries to get a swing going. B&THF can as easily have a gig fronted by a bluegrass-guitarist as a gig with a jazz influenced trumpet player. Live, B&THF opens up the arrangements and leaves a great deal to coincidence, but still without loosing the soul of the songs. More room to improvisation is acquired this way, and sudden jam sessions may occur. Rali Rei people!